Monday, October 31, 2011

What Happened to Halloween?

So this year for Halloween, I actually live in a big neighborhood in Richardson with lots of kids. I know there are lots of kids because I see them every morning on their way to school, and after school they are all out playing when I'm running. I was kind of excited to do the whole give out candy for Halloween thing...But alas, that has not happened.

As of now, Holly and I's first trick-or-treater showed up around 5:45pm. We had our 6th trick-or-treater around 8pm, and well, haven't had one since. A quick check outside, and there are none to be seen on the street. To make things worse, half of the kids who were trick or treat in were wearing no costume. A couple of kids thought they were "gangsters" rocking a sweatshirt. It's disappointing really.

Should I blame kids these days for the lack of Halloween enthusiasm? I don't think so. It all comes down to shitty parenting. Parents worry about way too much shit these days. They don't let their kids do anything. We live in a generation where everyone gets a trophy, no one gets picked last (hell no one gets picked at all), and kids apparently don't get to go out on Halloween.

This new generation of parents blows. I think the current youthful generation should rise up out of their homes in a costume of their choosing and hit the house circuit to get some tasty candy.

Anyway, this current generation of parents are in fact NOT awesome. I mean I even dressed my dock up for this occasion! Zoey is ready for Halloween.

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