Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's Wrong with Baseball in the Summer? Part 2

Ah yes, it has been a week, so I will write part 2 on my experiences with fans at baseball game. The next one, isn't that bad to most fans, it really just bothers the people who have played the game before (myself included).

The next issue is when fans go nuts over every single pop-up to shallow centerfield as if it's a 450ft. blast in the upper deck. I mean come on, seriously? Is your depth perception really that bad? Can you not see the outfielder running in to catch the ball?

It's like all of those fans watch soccer on Spanish TV and are used to hearing the announcer go nuts anytime the ball is even close to a goal. In a 1-0 game in soccer, those announcers must get excited to the point where a goal has to be imminent like 40x's a game. That's what the baseball fans do.

My advice: learn to read a flyball of the bat. It's not that hard.

I will give a pass to those fans only when the flyball makes it to the warning track.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's Wrong with Baseball in the Summer? Part 1

So it's summertime, which means a decent number of people will likely be attending baseball games at some point this season. So I'm going to discuss one of my pet peeves regarding baseball games and the fans (and trust me, there is more to come).

The first one that came to mind, is quite possibly, the most annoying action a fan at a baseball came can be a part of. The problem is that despite players and serious fans of the games dislike for it, this trend continues to suck the life out of a game. It's the wave (pictured).

This "tradition" has been ruining games an inning at a time as fans who know absolutely nothing about the game continue to do it. If you want to do the wave, go to a soccer game or something, it's not for baseball. Whoever introduced it to baseball should be shot and banned from the game for life. We don't see this shit in football, hockey, or basketball games, so why should I have to deal with some douche, who probably doesn't know where the short stop plays, stand up in front of me, raising his hands in the air, and likely spilling beer one me? The answer is I shouldn't.

The Texas Rangers have made attempts to ban this by playing a video on the jumbo-tron when the wave gets started declaring the ballpark a "No Wave Zone." Thank you Chuck Morgan for doing what you can for removing this stain of a trend from the ballpark.

Anyway, that's enough of my ranting, check back in a week or so. I have several more blogs coming in this series. If you do happen to see the wave this summer, please do not participate, and feel free to discourage fellow fans to do the same. Stay awesome.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Future Super Agent

So, within the past week, my future career path may be starting to unfold. After two years of answering "I don't know," to questions regarding what I'm going to be doing with my law degree, I may have finally picked it out, and it turns out to have been what I always wanted to do all along.

I am going to become a sports agent, and build an empire of hockey and baseball players. I also wouldn't mind representing actors and musicians. If I could build an empire along the lines of CAA, then I'd be one happy law grad.

I have already signed a future NHL blue liner. A former NCAA Div. III All-American and National Champion out of Norwich, Eric Tallent (pictured), as my first client. Hopefully some other hopeful future professional athletes and/or actors/musicians want in on this.

Now I just have to figure a good name for my agency. I wanted it to be Captain Awesome Agency, except that CAA is already a pretty well known name. Does anybody like Big4 Agency?

I could also take on the name the Zonk Group, but instead of the Zonk Group, Inc., I could use the Zonk Group Agency. It's a name that really stands out, and has some local D/FW recognition. Let me know what you think.