Monday, August 30, 2010

Sexy Champions

Last season I finished in 2nd place in the Donkey Punches fantasy league. This year my team; the Sexy Hamburgers are poised to win it all this season. I was lucky enough to have the first pick in the draft, so naturally I selected Chris Johnson, and as you can see the Sexy Hamburgers are very happy to have him on the team. Here is the rest of the Hamburgers roster.

QB: Tom Brady
WR: Donald Driver
WR: Braylon Edwards
WR:Kenny Britt
RB: Chris Johnson
RB: Ryan Grant
TE: Jason Witten
K: Ryan Longwell
DEF: Green Bay
BN; Joseph Addai
BN: Darren Sproles
BN: Mark Sanchez
BN: Mario Manningham
BN: Brian Westbrook
I am pretty happy with the way my draft turned out. It's hard to be upset when you have the #1 overall pick. Along with Captain Awesome I will be updating you on how my road to a championship is going. PLAY LIKE SEXY CHAMPIONS!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fantasy Football Update

Well, the draft didn't go quite as I hoped, but I am quite happy with my lineup. I had the 10th pick in the draft of 12 teams. Here is what the Scoregasm roster looks like:

QB: Drew Brees*
QB: Vince Young
RB: DeAngelo Williams*
RB: Matt Forte*
RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
WR: Anquan Boldin*
WR: Terrell Owens*
WR: Roy Williams*
WR: Mike Wallace
WR: Jerricho Cotchery
TE: Brent Celek*
TE: Zach Miller
K: David Buehler*
DEF: Baltimore Ravens*

The starters are noted with a *, and I am a fan of my roster. I see the chip in my future, especially if L.T. (pictured) puts out some solid production with the Jets as the third down back and goal line guy that I expect him to be.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fantasy Football

Ah, it's that time of the year again. When men all across the country get together, get drunk, and pretend to be NFL owners. I am one of those men.

This year is a big year in the Donkey Punch League for Team Scoregasm. You see, I finished dead last for the first time last year, which really sucks because I wasn't even supposed to. I gave up 1 of my 3 wins due to a controversy on a TD and whether it was a defensive touchdown. Yahoo said it wasn't, but the NFL said it was, so our league ruled with the NFL. This hurt especially since the previous season I was in the playoffs, though I lost in the first round, and the year before I lead the league in regular season, but due some injuries I ended up finishing 3rd on the season. This is going to be our 5th season as a group, though we have had some people drop out, and we've added players each year as well. But there are about 8 guys who have been playing each year, and this should be a long lasting league. But enough about that. Let's talk strategy.

Every year I draft Carson Palmer (pictured), and every year he disappoints my team. This year I am going to give him one more shot. I may even go after a T.O. or an Ochocinco to get some of those double point tds. At running back, my targets are Michael Turner, L.T., and Ricky Williams (who has carried my team at points the last couple of years). Wide receivers I'm looking at include Anquan Boldin, Braylon Edwards, Roy "UnoUno" Williams, and Steve Smith (NYG). At tight end, I was going to give Jason Witten another shot, but with all the O-line injuries with the Cowboys this year, I think he will be back to blocking in the red zone, so I doubt he improves on his total of 2 tds this year (1 which came in week 17 and did me no good). Since I am avoiding big 82 from the 'boys, I'm going to go after a couple of guys who may have big comebacks headed there way in Kellen Winslow and Chris Cooley, of course Antonio Gates wouldn't be a horrible pick either. And the picks that turn out to matter the most, the DEF and K, well I'll probably take the best available come round 10. Maybe a CIN or SF def, and a David Akers at K.

Well, I think those guys can put me in a good spot to challenge for a title. Some sleeper picks include Matt Leinart, Larry Johnson, Steve Breaston, and Mike Wallace. To all the other fantasy footballers out there, good luck, hope my picks may help you.