Monday, June 28, 2010

Damn, I love Vegas.

A city one can never get enough of, where the sands of the desert turn to gold. Where alcohol flows like milk and honey, where one roll of the dice, spin of the wheel, or splitting eights can make you big money. Las Vegas. I love that town.

As the bachelor party got an extension in Vegas, I felt the need to recant some of the occurrences of the weekend. We had everything from a Hibachi dinner to bottle service at Olympic Gardens to a couple of amazing rolls at the craps table, and even a nap in a bathtub. I can't forget our run-in with a very good quality "Alan from Hangover" attempt (see picture).

Something that must be talked about though was how hot the tables were for a while, and how fast they cooled.

I took $200 and my players card to a craps table in the Hardrock with dreams of an upgrade to a villa. The villa didn't happen, mostly because the hotel was booked full. So I started betting small, I had my $12 bets on the 6 and 8, and had $10 on the 4 and 10, which I bought when they hit. The guy rolling seemed to be throwing pretty solid, and so after hitting a few numbers I bumped it up. So with bets of $24 on 6 and 8, I bought the 4 and 10 for a quarter, and through a quarter on the 5 and 9. At this point I was feeling pretty good with the bankroll up to about $500. So I bumped it all up again, and kept it going, when my stack hit $750, I couldn't stop. I kept 4 and 10 at a quarter, had $50 on the 5 and 9, and was rocking $60 on my 6 and 8 (these bets were every changing with what the point was, I was betting $50 on my odds for the point, for a better understanding of the game of craps you can read this).

So the table was hot, I was bumped up at this point to about $1500, with a couple hundred of that riding on the table. It was one of the hottest run I'd been on at a table, the sad thing is, the guy throwing only made about $200 bucks for himself. He never pressed any of his bets, and was essentially only betting his odds. Oh well, I cashed out around $1200, and the dealers throughout that run made about $250 off me on the line and odds bets I was making for them. I also didn't shoot too bad myself (pictured).

Why did I tell this story as opposed to the 2 bottle night at Olympic Gardens, well that's because gambling is awesome. I am Captain Awesome, and I had an awesome run at the tables that night, and the next day another run for about $800. This of course was scattered around to several horrible $200 sessions of blackjack, and one cold craps table on the last day, after we had already checked out that cost me around $500. Considering the meals I ate, and the alcohol I consumed and the fun that I had, it was well worth it. I will make my normal six month return come December.

Damn, I love Vegas.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ah, Bachelor Parties...

A time honored tradition for the sucker that overpaid for a diamond and is dropping a lot of cash so his friends can get drunk as he shows his love to someone that hopefully has a nice rack.

The bachelor party is the only reason why grooms have best men. I am one of those best men. I have scheduled two different bachelor parties, one of which has already occurred. We had a local bachelor party this past Saturday, and in two weeks, me and the Groom and possibly Negro Willie will be in Vegas for a second bachelor party.

We held the one in Dallas for everyone who couldn't afford Vegas, and quite honestly I can't even afford Vegas, but I always find a way to do Sin City.

I will essentially describe what went down this past Saturday, just so that any future best men out there may have some good ideas based on what Captain Awesome scheduled. This entire bachelor party was a complete surprise to the groom. He had no idea what was going on until we got to Javier's.
Saturday, June 12, 2010:

5:00pm- Suit up, head into Dallas to pick up the Groom.
6:00pm- Cigars and scotch in a nice little cigar lounge with just the groom and one other person.
9:00pm- Dinner at Javier's Gourmet Mexicano. Great food, great margaritas.
10:30pm- Move over to the Cigar Lounge at Javier's and everyone has a cigar and a few more drinks. (Pictured below)

Sunday, June 13, 2010:
12:15am- Stop at 7-11 for cash and 2 cases of beer.
12:30am- Arrive at the Clubhouse in Dallas (Full nude, BYOB). Lap dance right away for the groom, and they continue for the rest of the night. (Pictured above)
3:30am- Leave the strip club, and head home.
5:00am- Pass out.
2:30pm- Post whatever pictures we got.

This turned out to be a great bachelor party, if you want any other ideas, feel free to shoot me an email. Once again, find your awesome.