Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Negro Willie and Flying Saucer

So, I told you in the last post that Negro Willie was getting his saucer on the wall. This can be seen in the picture next to what you are reading... ---------------------------------------> Look here.

Do you see it? Well you should be able to. Now read it closely. "It's ok, it's just the furnace." I feel it is my duty to share the story related to this plate post.

So about two springs ago, Negro Willie and Captain Awesome took a road trip down to the big ATX to visit Drew the Jew. The weekend I believe is known as roundup down around those parts, and that meant it was a good time to get super drunk on free beer at Drew's ATO house. Can't really argue with that can you?

So we go through about 15-20 Keystones a piece, and get in about ten solid games of BASEketball. We probably played a few other games such as beer pong, or flip cup. I'll be honest, I don't really remember. There was a pretty killer 80's cover band there though, and that made for some enjoyment. Anyway, about 3:00am the night moved on to J in the B.

I got myself six tacos, and what Drew the Jew and Negro Willie got has long slipped my memory. Eventually we all pass out. I had the couch in the living room, the Jew was in his bed, and Willie took the carpeted floor in the Jew's room as the living room consisted of hard wood floors.

So about 5:30am rolls around, and I hear some jostling in the kitchen. I look up and Negro Willie is peeing in the corner of the kitchen. The conversation, I shit you not, went exactly as follows:

C.A.: "Will, what the fuck are you doing?"
N.W.: "It's ok, it's just the furnace."
C.A.: "Oh, ok."

From there on I went back to sleep completely ignoring the recent occurrence. It is at this time that I would like to point out, that the Drew's bathroom was in his bedroom. Therefore Willie walked further to pee on the kitchen floor than he would have to pee in the designated restroom areas. Drew the Jew learned of the pee on the floor later the next day, and Willie subsequently had to clean it up.

All in all, a pretty awesome weekend, with a classic drunk quote that has forever been immortalized at the Flying Saucer in Addison.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An apology.

I would like to apologize to the loyal readers. I have been slacking on my duties, and so has Negro Willie (whose 1 blog is dwarfed by my 100+ count). I have been quite the busy bee. Law school and being awesome have essentially stolen all my time away from my duties of writing this free blog for people who enjoy or laugh at, or fuel there hatred and jealousy of me. For those who are jealous, if you just read this for it's substantive value, you could be awesome too, I mean look at me, I am awesome, it can't be that hard for you!

Anyway, I just finished the trial brief for my 1L year in law school, and it was time consuming. Had I know how tedious the research, writing, and citations were going to be, I may have rethought law school. I mean I was really only looking for a profession where I got to where a suit everyday, and I could afford to continue to purchase suits to look awesome.

On another note, I purchased a brand new custom fit fedora for everyday where (pictured), and I just wanted to throw props to Peters Brothers Hats for hooking me up with such an awesome hat, it will protect my head from the sun, while at the same time make me look more awesome in my suits than I already do. You should pick yourself up one today.

Anyway, I want to once again apologize for the lack of blogging from Team Awesome, I mean I at least have the excuse of being in law school. Negro Willie's only excuse I s'pose is that he is black, and so he stereotypically is lazy. Which I guess he really is. Though he is finally joining the UFO club at Flying Saucer this weekend for drinking 200 beers, so that should be fun. I received my acceptance and had my ceremony back in December, so it's nice to see him catch up. So until next time stay awesome.